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Do you want to change your brand or company vision? Maybe you just look for stunning and unique graphics for your website? I have worked as a website designer with a wide variety of clients who create and design graphics arts according to their preferences. At GetWebsite you can order your website!



  Why is it important to have a Website when developing a business? - Because your business looks so much more professional and the Web site is the face of Business itself (Brand). Another important prerequisite is that all the information and content of your Business is published there. And a fun example: You go to dinner in a refined restaurant! The Waiter welcomes you and stays around the table only with a smile! And boom! No menu. The waiter is the person who will actually name the menu in front of you so that you can choose your dinner! That's why every business needs a "menu" website because it's the presentation of your Business "restaurant";)



 Why is it important to have a Business Facebook Page? - Because, as you may already know, Facebook is the 3rd most popular in the world and this is a great place to advertise and attract new customers! Social network Facebook is constantly growing. In 2019, there are already over 1.60 billion active users per month. In addition to using the personal wall to share information and chatting to communicate with friends and acquaintances, Facebook is also a leading source of information for the past few years. Numerous Facebook pages of various companies, televisions and big companies are continually updating the flow of news and virtually - wherever you are, just one click on Facebook apps can learn everything important about the day.



  Why is it important to have our own Branded Logo ? - Everyone has a face. The person is the first to notice when we meet others. There are our eyes where people are looking while we are in communication. Your business also has a face. And this is your logo. Another important part is the copyright on the logo! When you draw a logo yourself with one of the thousands of free applications, anyone can find it on your Web site or Facebook business page and download it and use it if it's also appropriate for them! That's why it's important to own the copyright, no one has the right to use, copy, download from the Internet in any form! The logo is part of your Business (Brand)!



  Why is it important to do SEO optimization on your Website? - Because every change and update shows to Google that there is updated information on this site, and this helps the popularity of the Website! Accordingly, the website will rise to the search engines at a higher level and will be more easily discoverable for your potential customers! Recently, SEO optimization is an extremely important part of the digital marketing strategy of large and small businesses! Also known as Internet search engines, search engines are sites that help people find specific information using a few words. One of the most popular search engines is Google (Google). When entering a specific word or phrase into the Google search box, it starts browsing the billions of sites on the Internet in order to find the most relevant results and show them to the seeker. Other well-known search engines include Russian Yandex, Chinese Baidu, American Bing and Yahoo




Why it is advisable to order a Video production! - Have you thought about sharing short video content as a social marketing tactic?
Videos are the most commonly viewed media in the most popular social networks - such as Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more! The video is also one of the most liked, watched and elevated posts on Facebook, which guarantees you more video views and sharing, so you will receive much more queries from your potential customers! Short videos match our busy and busy lives, short videos are perfect for attracting attention to social networks! As fans consume content through their mobile devices while on the move, the shorter the content, the better.
Think about the idea of Trailer in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. a few months before Filma went to the Cinema. The idea is for this short video production to gain enough popularity so that in a few months when the screening of such a popular movie is broadcast, the halls will be full!









Last  Update: 19 February 2019